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Barrett Dorko
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Default Saturday Breakfast

Today Tom asked his phone who wrote the song Chubby Checker made famous about 1961. The answer was Hank Ballard who also sang it the year before. He must have not have had the chops. According to my friend, Jackie Kennedy hadn't yet danced the twist on TV (with Chubby) and several others things I didn't say but have thought about since.

The Cavs won a game in the NBA finals last night and that was in the news, including the newspaper, this morning. Steff Curry was revealed to have other than complete control over all his his actions, especially toward the end of game three (sorry for all the NBA non-fans who read this) and I was reminded of all the three-pointers Steff has scored. It's hard to have it both ways. Doug Stamper was entirely unemotional and revealed nothing of his own feelings in season two. We know what he revealed in season three. What, you don't watch House of Cards?

Bear also talked of how fearful A.J. Foyt revealed himself to be before a car race. Maybe being there would have been helpful. Also knowing who A.J. Foyt is. Knowing a lot will make one realistic.

I left thinking how different writers are. Usually they're hidden, and sometimes not known.
Barrett L. Dorko
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