55%以上節約 ミニ エスエムアール Mini SMR CNC MSX125(GROM) version Cable / Type:Wire 乾式クラッチキット ディスク 6-キャブレター

フリーソフト・ 無料ソフト (フリーウェア)を紹介しています

55%以上節約 ミニ エスエムアール Mini SMR CNC MSX125(GROM) version Cable / Type:Wire 乾式クラッチキット ディスク 6-キャブレター

55%以上節約 ミニ エスエムアール Mini SMR CNC MSX125(GROM) version Cable / Type:Wire 乾式クラッチキット ディスク 6-キャブレター

Type:Hydraulic version
Type:5speed Hydrauric version
Type:5speed Wire / Cable version




Type:Wire / Cable version


Manufacturing Process:
In the Hydraulic version there is 16 CNC parts and in the Wire/Cable version there is 15 CNC parts. All design in house and manufacture in house at SMR Factory in Taiwan. It take 1 CNC machine 3 complete days to make the 15 or 16 CNC parts in every kit. So basically take one CNC Machine 3 days just to manufacutre one kit.
After the CNC manufacturing process, we hand polilshed each parts before we go into the anodized or color coated process. We hand polish each parts to bring out the best even shine and polish out any oxidization that is on the parts. After hand polish of the parts and anodized or color coated process will bring out the best even shine on the product we have created.
Original Honda Grom/MSX have 5 disk wet clutch. With the upgrade of SMR CNC 6 Disk Wet Clutch Kit we increase one extra clutch disk into the original design and will allow for better grip on the clutch with the extra grip surface of one disk that we have added.
Sex Machine Racing has engineered the ultimate dry clutch system for the Honda Grom 125 / MSX 125! Built with the best design and material possible, the SMR dry clutch kit was designed to handle all type of riding and performance modification on the Grom/MSX. All CNC parts are use with the highest precision from T-6061 and T7075 aluminum! Every part will go together and perform together flawlessly!
Sex Machine Racing 6 Disk Dry Clutch kit includes all gaskets, seals, o-rings, hardwares, bearings, and parts that is required for installation. The detailed instructions will allow those with moderate-professional mechanical background and knowledge to easily install the kit. Splitting the engine case is required!
There are a lot of benefits of having a SMR Dry Clutch kit, please see below:
SMR Dry Clutch Kit Benefits:
-Delivers more power/torque to the wheel under any riding condition and style.
-Separates the clutch from the engine = no longer contaminate the engine oil with clutch particles, shavings, or residues.
-Easy access to change clutch-plates, to service, or to maintain the clutch.
-SMR Large CNC clutch cover will help dissipate heat from the engine.
-No clutch fade from hard riding, racing, or running the winding mounting roads. Usually wet clutch will start to show signs of slipping when the engine oil is running very hot.
-SMR integrated a oil filter, which will provide actual filtration to the engine oil. OEM set up has no oil filter.
-Eliminates the oil spiinner = quicker throttle response
-Built in oil cooler passage, which allows you to easily install a oil cooler.
-Ability to use any type of engine oil, doesn’t need to be wet-clutch specific.
-Extend the life of the engine oil.
-Clutch is no longer sitting in oil = no more rotational drag from the engine oil.
-Sounds like a Ducati.
-Looks Badass.

※Removing the engine from the chassis and splitting the engine case is required for installation. Professional installation is highly recommended!
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55%以上節約 ミニ エスエムアール Mini SMR CNC MSX125(GROM) version Cable / Type:Wire 乾式クラッチキット ディスク 6-キャブレター